In an ever-changing business landscape, Eluleki offers

tailored solutions for events, opportunities, and obstacles.

From mergers, acquisitions, and disposals to diversification,

restructuring, and operational enhancements, we provide

specialist advisory services to ensure your business's


Our experienced team and extensive network deliver ​independent, client-specific consulting advice, addressing ​immediate needs and supporting long-term growth plans.

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  • Exceptional track records with diverse ​clients
  • The advisory team focuses on ​understanding your business, management, ​and goals
  • Tailored assistance to achieve business ​objectives
  • Specialised in developing and refining ​business strategies
  • Expertise in enhancing operational ​structures
  • Advisory services for South African and ​foreign entities
  • Navigational support through the South ​African statutory and regulatory ​environment
  • Assistance with the Broad-Based Black ​Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) ​framework
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  • Expert B-BBEE transaction advisory ​services, covering partner identification, ​due diligence, and tailored structural ​solutions
  • Strategic partnership with Kutiya ​Investments, led by Mr. TT Mboweni, ​enhancing our collaborative capabilities
  • In-depth understanding of the B-BBEE ​landscape, offering unique insights into the ​regulatory environment
  • Specialised knowledge to guide businesses ​through the complexities of B-BBEE ​transactions for strategic success
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  • Asset and liability management as part of ​treasury advisory services
  • Diversification of funding strategies for ​financial optimisation
  • Expertise in funding duration, interest rate, ​and exchange rate hedging
  • Assistance in optimising the company’s ​balance sheet
  • Support for necessary restructuring ​initiatives
  • Crafting and ensuring the best-suited ​capital structures for your business
  • Facilitation of access to various financial ​institutions, including banks, capital ​markets, developmental agencies, and ​private debt

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CORPORATE FINANCE advice and ​assistance

  • Valuations: Accurate business value ​assessments
  • Mergers: Seamless merger facilitation, ​optimising efficiency
  • Acquisitions: Strategic guidance for ​identifying and acquiring businesses
  • Disposals: Tailored advisory for divesting ​non-core assets
  • Due diligence: Meticulous examination for ​comprehensive transaction understanding
  • Capital funding options: Exploration of ​diverse funding sources, aligning strategies ​with business goals

Business Continuity


  • ESG: Set of practices to limit negative impact and enhance positive impact on environment, society, ​and governance
  • Investor Awareness: Growing recognition of ESG criteria importance in investment decisions
  • Business Integration: Businesses incorporating ESG into operations and strategies
  • Client Assistance: Supporting clients in ESG implementation and corporate governance structures
  • Investment Readiness: Ensuring businesses are optimally positioned for investment and growth
  • Practical Experience: Unique expertise in advising on governance issues in listed and unlisted sectors

Our capital-raising services encompass ​raising bank debt, engaging in non-bank ​and debt capital market transactions, ​and facilitating access to equity.

Our audit and tax services cover ​financial statements, VAT returns, the ​implementation of business ​controls/governance, regulatory ​compliance, tax submissions, and ​internal audit.

We collaborate with legal partners to provide ​comprehensive legal services for corporate ​actions, managing tasks such as drafting ​commercial documents, conducting due ​diligence, and ensuring legal compliance for ​investors, advisors, and regulatory bodies.

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