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Eluleki Capital is an emerging South African investment banking and capital-​raising advisory firm based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We have strategic ​partnerships across United Kingdom, Switzerland, Greater China (including Hong ​Kong) and Singapore.

We assist South African companies and companies entering into, and investing in, Africa.

We provide innovative thinking, effective and practical solutions, and strategic guidance to our clients to ​satisfy their immediate needs and enhance their long-term success. Our clients include family businesses, ​private companies, publicly listed entities and parastatals across various sectors.

Eluleki’s success is rooted in our passion for what we do, our extensive skills, practical experience, wide ​networks and proven capital-raising ability.

The Eluleki team’s vast experience has been gained through distinguished local and international ​investment banking careers, partnerships at international legal firms, and actual listed and non-listed local ​and international business experience.

Through our knowledge of industries and our established networks, we support clients directly or through ​our strategic partnerships in the areas of advisory services, capital raising, audit and tax, legal and ​oversight.

In these rapidly evolving and exciting times, we assist our clients in interpreting local laws and regulations ​and understand the ever-changing nature of the economies they operate in to find the best solutions and ​strategies.

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